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Reno Jeweler Promotes Representation and Inclusivity in New Commercial

Local Jeweler Britten Wolf of BVW Jewelers has teamed up with Bryon Evans Films and ADJ Visions production company to release a new commercial that pays homage to the history and often untold stories of people of color in Northern Nevada. Despite a rich history of black families moving to the area during the Gold Rush, there is a distinct lack of representation and diversity both in front of and behind the camera in Northern Nevada. ADJ Visions wants to provide more opportunities for talent that isn’t being represented so that artists don’t have to leave the area to find meaningful work. Their new commercial is a diverse representation of talent in Northern Nevada, both behind and on the screen.

“We wanted to tell a story that was based in love, while still acknowledging the past and the legacy of those that came before us,” says Darius Devine, Director, Co-writer, and Co-producer. “Instead of rehashing past trauma and cliches, we wanted to focus on telling new stories and put a spotlight on the progress, love, and inspiration that can be birthed out of the hardships all of us face. Working backward in time, we wanted to show what it would look like to have a family that handles hardship and prevails.”

ADJ Visions is based in Los Angeles and is comprised of August Anthony Allen, Darius Devine, and Justin Tanks. The trio worked together to write and produce the script and brought in other local talents including Bryon Evans as Director of Photography, and local composer Zack Teran who wrote and performed an original score. Local actors included David Hayes, Shannise Mora, Grace Hayes, LaTara Misher, Persia Ghaffary, Cody Hamilton, Steve Longley, Claire Pierce, James Short, and Sandra Dee Richardson.

“Black families have historically been excluded from the fine jewelry market, and with that means often a lack of family heirlooms,” says Britten Wolf, Owner and Jewelry Designer at BVW Jewelers. “We wanted to honor the importance of family legacies and share the message that jewelry is for everyone – it’s not just about romantic love, but celebrating family love, people of all races, and love for all genders and identities. All people experience love, and we support the representation of love for all people, including those who have often been underrepresented, like people of color and LGBTQIA+ people.”

The heirloom piece shown in the video is the “Mptapo” symbol or the “knot of pacification and reconciliation.” Mpatapo represents the bond or knot that binds parties in a dispute to a peaceful, harmonious reconciliation. It is a symbol of peacemaking after strife. This symbolism is the perfect embodiment of ADJ Visions’ goals for this piece, which include honoring the history of black ancestors while shifting the narrative to share new stories of hope and positivity for the future.

“The untold history of many of our ancestors gets lost in the background, muddled with political rhetoric, and combined with the snippets of history we read in our textbooks, becoming grayer and duller than the stories ever were. This telling is a step outside the typical story we have been spoon-fed,” shares the statement on the commercial from ADJ Visions. “We are pleased to gift the audience (just as the young man is gifted in the commercial) the opportunity for their horizons to grow as they learn more about the wide range of stories that come from the past.”

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